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Bill more, earn more, own more

We have built an advanced support infrastructure for recruiters to plug and play. Our proprietary Recruitment Intelligence System helps you make more placements and serve your clients better. No more admin, no more business development, no more scrambling for candidates. 

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Bill more

You are making more placements because you can focus entirely on what you do best: bringing top talent and cool companies to work with together - your Livero support takes care of the headache of admin, business development and candidate sourcing.

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Earn more

Increasing your placements means that you take home more money at the end of the month. Work for your own success, for your own pocket and finally reap the rewards of your hard work.

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Own more

Livero Group's unique concept allows all of its members to create long term wealth. Own your piece of a big pie and enjoy it whenever you like - not just when the company sells or floats on the stock market. Live the Livero life now and be covered for the future too.


 Our specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in recruitment, recruitment sales, psychology, marketing, organisational strategy and development, business development, entrepreneurialism and finance. We bring the best in the industry together and supercharge your recruitment business and brand. 

About Us

Livero Group is the first smart recruitment agency and was founded by Neil Ray in 2014. Our mission is to help recruiters make more money and obtain freedom from the archaic structures of the recruitment companies they currently work for, as well as enabling them to deliver better to their candidates and clients.


As an innovator and disrupter of industry standards Neil identified the issues of classic recruitment agencies and created an advanced model, driven by automation and a unique wealth creation model, that allows our members to enjoy a lifestyle that is ruled by independence and freedom.


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